Microsoft has reached Code Complete on Work Folders for iOS

Today at TechEd Europe 2014 Microsoft announced, that they have reached Code Complete on the iOS app for using Work Folders on iPad.

This means, that Work Folders now makes it possible for you to keep users home folders on premises, but allowing them to reach those data from many different devices and devicetypes, and from the internet. This will make it less attractive for the users to upload their data to Dropbox or other non-company-managed servicess in order to be productive outside the company offices.

Work Folders is now available for:

For Windows 7 you would need a Pro, Enterprise or Ultimate edition, and it would have to be domain joined.
This is because, it is the only way, you can manage the data on the client from serverside. Without these requirements met, data would be downloaded to the Windows 7 client, but you as an admin would not be able to remote wipe the data or require other security settings being implemented on the client.

An Android tablet app will also be developed, but is not here yet.
But for now, an iPad is a very welcome addition.

Be aware, however, that Code Complete does not mean, that you will find the app in the App Store today.
It first needs to go through the approval process at Microsoft and at Apple's App Store.
But we should see it soon.